Rautaportti "Iron Gate"

Iron Gate in Nellim, Lapland Finland / Copyright http://lifeinlapland.com

(The remnants of a machine gun nest, part of the wilderness fortifications in the Iron Gate)

Nellim held a strategic location during the Second World War (including the Winter War and Continuation War) and much of the area surrounding the village still holds remnants of fortifications built during 1939-1945. Not far from the village their is a mountainous bay surrounded by rock faces which was seen as a key strong point in defending the Arctic Road that led to Petsamo and called the Iron Gate (“Rautaportti”), as numerous fortifications were built on both sides of the bay. Their is a history trail that explains the activities and war-time events that took place in the area, which travels from Paksuvuono to the restored log flume.
The Riisin Rääpäsy Trail