Levi Travel Guide

Levi, Finnish Lapland / Copyright www.lifeinlapland.com

(View over Levi village from Levitunturi)

Levi is one of the largest winter sport resort areas in Finland and a very popular skiing holiday destination for both Finns and international visitors. It is also well known for its nightlife and party scene. It is located in the municipality of Kittilä.

In the map below, you will find practical places to know about for planning your trip and things to do in Levi. Below the map you will find more helpful Levi travel information by clicking on a topic button and scrolling down to read.

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The most direct way to reach Levi by plane is to fly to Kittilä (KTT) airport which is ten kilometers south from Levi. The airport has direct connections to Helsinki. Buses can also be taken from the airport in Rovaniemi (RVN)

Overnight trains operate from southern Finland to Rovaniemi and Kolari, where buses can continue the journey to Levi. A bus trip takes about 2.5 hours from Rovaniemi and 1.25 hours from Kolari. You can buy tickets and see bus timetables on the Matkahuolto website.
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Levi has internal bus traffic yet the Levi center is also so compact that you may easily walk or ski around. Taxi services are also available.
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For up to date weather, check out the Levi forecast on the FInnish Meteorological Institute.
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  • Snowmobile Safaris
  • Reindeer Sleigh Rides
  • Dogsledding
  • Downhill skiing & snowboarding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Biking

Things To Do in Levi

  • Old Church of Kittilä
  • Midnight sun - In summer time its quite a surreal experience to stay up late into the evening to watch the different colors produced as the sun floats on the horizon. In general, the night sky is luminous from May until mid August
  • Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) - many visitors come to Lapland hoping to see the dancing solar winds in the night sky.
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  • Practical Lapland Travel Information
  • Levi is most popular around Christmas and New Year, Easter and Finnish winter holidays held during three weeks period from mid-February to early March. During these periods accommodation can become filled up (although there are nearly 20,000 beds in Levi) so be sure to make reservations well in advance.
  • Levi is very popular with (and can get crowded with) Russian tourists so do not be surprised if you hear Russian spoken more than Finnish if visiting during peak holiday times. But it is also a very popular resort for many nationalities so you be surrounded by a very international crowd.
  • If you cannot find accommodation in Levi, also look at Kittilä which is where the nearest airport is and not too far away.
  • If you would like to support local businesses and small business owners, its better to book services / accommodation directly with service providers rather than through the local tourism booking office.
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