Utsjoki and Nuorgam Travel Guide

Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland / Copyright www.lifeinlapland.com

(One of the Old Church Cabins in Utsjoki Village)

Utsjoki is a municipality in Northern Finland, as well as the name of a village located at the top of the E75 Highway in Lapland where the Teno River marks the northern border between Finland and Norway. Nuorgam is about 40 km away from Utsjoki village and the northern most village in Finland and in the European Union. Nuorgam is also the northern most land border crossing in the world. Utsjoki has the largest portion of Sami speakers in Finland and is home to many Northern Sami.

In the map below, you will find practical places to know about for planning a trip and things to do in Utsjoki and things to do in Nuorgam. Below the map you will find some helpful travel information by clicking on a topic button and scrolling down to read.
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Utsjoki is located at the northern end of the E75 in Lapland, just before the Norway border, and the nearest airport in Finland is in Ivalo (IVL). The nearest airports in Norway are Lakselv and Kirkenes. All of these airports have car rental services. 

The closest railroad station is in Rovaniemi, which has a direct bus links to Utsjoki. You can see bus timetables and buy tickets and on the Matkahuolto website.

Nuorgam is about 40 km away from Utsjoki along Route 970 which follows the Teno River.

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You can pretty much walk anywhere or go by bike in the villages but will need taxi or car to get between them. Many move around by snowmobile in the wintertime.
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Check out the forecast on the FInnish Meteorological Institute for up to date weather in Utsjoki and Nuorgam.
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  • Snowmobile Safaris
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Viewing Auroras
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Swimming

Things To Do in Utsjoki and Nuorgam

  • Utsjoki Hiking Trail - Trail that leads through open fell area and wilderness lakes and river valleys, with northern starting point at Utsjoki Nature Information Hut, and the southern end at Mantojärvi Church.
  • Mantojärvi Church - built between 1850-1853.
  • Utsjoki Old Church Village - Across from Mantojärvi Church, the cabins and houses are from the 19th century.  All have been renovated to demonstrate the historical way of living in the area.
  • Sami Bridge - Connects Utsjoki with Norway.
  • Kevo Hiking Trail - 64 km trail that goes through the nature reserve from Sulaoja to Lake Kenesjärvi.
  • Skaidijärvi Trail - 5.8 km trail just behind Nuorgam village that leads to Skaidijarvi mountain lake.
  • Sevettijärvi - Pulmanki Trail - 60 - 70 km trail that leads through the vast Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area from just outside of Nuorgam to Sevettijärvi.
  • Fishing in River in the Teno River (Tenojoki) - River famous in Europe for its salmon fishing.
  • Midnight sun - In summer time its quite a surreal experience to stay up late into the evening to watch the different colors produced as the sun floats on the horizon. In general, the night sky is luminous from May until mid August
  • Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) - many visitors come to Lapland hoping to see the dancing solar winds in the night sky.
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  • Practical Lapland Travel Information
  • The K Market in Nuorgam is much bigger than the one in Utsjoki and offers more options for food, alcohol, and outdoor recreation supplies.
  • Prices for many good increase significantly across the border if you are traveling on to Norway so its good to purchase food and other necessities you might need in Utsjoki or Nuorgam before heading on.
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