Three Points Border

3 points border in Kilpisjarvi, Finland

(The marker of the 3 points border between Finland, Norway, and Sweden, on the edge of the Malla Strict Nature Reserve)

At the edge of the Malla Strict Nature Reserve and just beyond the top of lake Kilpisjärvi lies a cairn designating the meeting point of the borders of three countries - Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The three points border marker lies within the shallow marshes of the southern end of lake Kolttajarvi and is accessible by a plankboard walkway which circles the entire marker.

The original cairn was put in place in 1897, however since it was made of rock it did not withstand the shifting ice of the Spring thaws in the surrounding lake, and thus a new concrete marker was eventually erected in 1926.

The marker can be reached by taking a ferry from Kilpisjärvi village and then hiking about 3 kilometers from the ferry landing. The marker can also be reached overland through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve across an 11 kilometer trail. There is an open wilderness hut near the marker where you can stay overnight if hiking.