Nellim Log Flume

Old Log Flume in Nellim, Lapland Finland / Copyright

(Flumes lke the Nellim flume were important to Lapland's timber industry in the old days)

The Nellim log flume is one of the best preserved memorials from the 1920s and 1930s logging industry around Lake Inari. The flume was built by the forest company Atif in 1929 and is 304 meters long, with a difference of 16 meters in height between its top and bottom ends. Flumes like this were used to move logs between, or to, bodies of water and this particular flume is located between lakes Keskimmäisenjärvi and Nellimjärvi. From Nellimjärvi, logs were then transported toward Inari and onward to the Paatsjoki river, with their final destination being a sawmill on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Elven, Norway.

The flume was restored by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities in 1995 and is only a short drive, or moderate hike, from the center of Nellim. There’s a lean-to shelter and cabin at the flume which has a fireplace for public use.