Ilmakkiaapa Peatland Protection Area

Ilmakkiaapa Peatland Protection Area in Lapland, Finland / Copyright

(Boardwalk traversing the peatland to birdwatching tower)

Ilmakkiaapa is a peatland protection area 35 km north of Sodankylä on the E75 that offers a great opportunity to view authentic aapa mire landscape of Lapland. The landscape of the peatland changes with the seasons and spring brings along floods and the return of migrating birds. In the autumn the aapa mire turns to a variety of vibrant colors which offer some nice photography opportunities. The trail is a duckboard trail which traverses the bog and leads to a bird-watching tower where you can observe the mire birdlife. Behind the mire rises the jagged silhouette of Postovaara Hill. The peatland area is accessed by a swing-gate that is right on the side of the roadway and there is a pull-off area directly across from the gate where you can park.