Santa Claus Village and the Arctic Circle (Napapiiri)

Probably the most popular attraction for visitors to Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village and the Arctic Circle (Napapiiri) are a must if visiting. Located about 8km north of the city, you'll find the village, Santa's Post Office, the line designating the Arctic Circle, and heaps of holiday/Lapland gift shops. In the winter time, the entire village is alive with various sleigh rides and holiday decorations which make for a very lively and jovial atmosphere. Visiting Santa is free any time of year, however, if you want a photo with Mr Claus you must pay for one and self-taken photos with Santa are not allowed. While your personal tastes will decide what souvenirs you may or may not want to purchase, an inexpensive gift which you can send to friends is a letter from Santa Post Office marked with a special postmark noting it was sent from Santas Post Office on the Arctic Circle.

To get to Santa's Village, there is a "Santa bus" (#8 bus), which is the most affordable option as the village is north of the city. It is possible to walk or bike to the village in Summer, but is highly recommend to take the bus or go by car in Winter due to the sub-zero temperatures.

The #8 bus leaves from the train station and a few convenient stops throughout the city. One of these is at the intersection of Koskikatu and Aallonkatu by the Sokos Hotel.

It will cost €3-5 one-way and under €10 return-trip.The queue for the return bus from the village back to the city can get extremely crowded during the Christmas season so expect to possibly be packed into the bus, tightly, with many others, or possibly having to wait for the following bus if the one you are trying to get on reaches max capacity.

Reindeer rides at Napapiiri
Santa Claus Post Office

Understand that Christmas is the busiest time at Santa's Village and if you are hoping to see Santa, be prepared to stand in line for a while, even up to, or over, an hour. Santa's Office closes at 3pm on Christmas Eve, the 24th, and opens again on Christmas Day 25th at noon. There is no cash machine at Santa's Village but there is one across the street as the Neste gas station.