German Soldier Memorial (Norvajärvi muistom)

German Soldier Cemetary in Rovaniemi
As some may or may not know, Lapland was the scene of some intense fighting during the second world war, with Rovaniemi occupied by the Germans and subsequently burned to the ground upon their retreat to Norway toward the end of 1944. About 19km from Rovaniemi, on the shore of Norvajärvi, a monument and memorial tomb with the remains of over 2,500 German soldiers was constructed recognizing those who died fighting in Lapland. Visitors who enter the mausoleum will encounter the dark and captivating sculpture "Mother and Son", created by Ursula Querner, before entering its main hall where the names of the deceased have been engraved on eight limestone panels. A large iron cross rests in the yard outside the memorial near the lakeside. The memorial is virtually in the middle of nowhere and may be of interest to those keen to learn more about Lapland's tragic past.
Names of German soldiers killed in Lapland, German Soldier Cemetary in Rovaniemi
The memorial is located on the banks of Norvajarvi, about 19km away from the city centre, and you can get there by bicycle in the summer or by car all year round. Follow these directions to get there from the Rovaniemi city centre.