Rovaniemi Kirkkolammenpuisto

Kirkkolammenpuisto is a small park and lake in Rovaniemi close to the easily recognizable Lutheran Church. It has a fair amount of lawn space that is "clean and green" and many come to sunbath, picnic, or simply hang-out during the summer time. The park garden is a colorful attraction, hosting a wide variety flowers and other flora which can be examined up-close, and identifiable by small plaques at their base. A foot path goes around the entire lake and is dotted with numerous park benches and two gazebos, ready and waiting for whenever keen to take a seat and relax. There is no swimming in the lake as it is home to a variety of ducks and other waterfowl. At the corner of the park just further down from the garden (and still next to the main road Yliopistonkatu) there is usually a small ice-cream stand which is quite popular in the summertime. All-in-all, its one of Rovaniemi's nicer, and relaxing, free attractions in summertime.

In the wintertime, it is not uncommon for the foot path, or the lake itself, to turn into a skiing track for locals. There is not much reason to visit the park in winter, yet walking further down the main footpath on Yliopistonkatu can lead to some nice views along the frozen Kemijoki river.

Kirkkolammenpuisto is easy to get to. Simply keep walking down the right-hand side of the street from the main entrance of the Lutheran Church. You will be there in about 1 minute and easily notice it on your right.