National Parks and Nature Areas in Lapland

Lapland truly is a massive natural outdoor playground with never-ending possibilities for enjoying time exploring its diverse natural landscapes. Here are list of Lapland National Parks, Wilderness Areas, National Hiking Areas, and other nature areas of merit. Almost all of these areas have open wilderness huts that hikers are free to use and stay overnight in, or visit and rest during the day.

National Parks in Lapland

  • Lemmenjoki National Park - The largest National Park in Finland and a hikers paradise with one of Europe’s most vast roadless and uninhabited backwoods areas. Only 45 kilometers away from Inari village
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park - A landscape dominated by fells surrounded by forests and mires in their untouched state. Many opportunities for hiking and skiing.
  • Urho Kekkonen National Park - A massive National Park in eastern Lapland with various hiking options for all skill levels. Saariselka is a popular gateway to UKK
  • Pyhä-Luosto National Park - Formed from Finland’s most southern fell chain, the park is a popular hiking and skiing area easily accessible from Rovaniemi.
  • Oulanka National Park - Located in the Municipalities Kuusamo and Salla in north-eastern Finland, Oulanka is a well-known hiking destination and home of the popular Karhunkierros Trail.
  • Riisitunturi National Park - Riisitunturi is a picturesque fell and hill landscape in the Koillismaa district.
  • Syöte National Park - Located in southern Lapland and North Ostrobothnia, Syöte offers multiple possibilities for biking and trekking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Wilderness Areas in Lapland

  • Käsivarsi Wilderness Area - One of Finland's most popular wilderness areas and home to Saanatunturi
  • Tarvantovaara Wilderness Area - a lesser known area whose northern boundary runs along the Finland-Norway border
  • Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area - A remote wilderness area which runs south from Lake Pöyrisjärvi.
  • Pulju Wilderness Area - known for its hills, fells, and large mires, the area also attracts cloudberry hunters in late Summer.
  • Hammastunturi Wilderness Area - A fell and forest area that lies between Lemmonjoki and UKK National Parks
  • Tsarmitunturi Wilderness Area - A small fell area near the Russian border.
  • Kemihaara Wilderness Area - A fell and bog area just south of UKK National park
  • Tuntsa Wilderness Area - A beautiful area known for its relatively easy terrain for trekking and navigating.
  • Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area - A true wilderness area with no marked trails and few wilderness huts available for hiker use.
  • Paistunturi Wilderness Area - An expansive wilderness area in Northern Lapland which borders the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve
  • Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area - Finland's largest wilderness area.
  • Vätsäri Wilderness Area - A large, mostly quiet and untouched wilderness area close to the Russian border.

National Hiking Areas in Lapland

  • Arctic Circle Hiking Area - trail networks for hikers of different skill level located roughly a half hour from Lapland capital Rovaniemi
  • Inari Hiking Area - A proposed state hiking area surrounding the village of Inari and Lake Inarijärvi