Eating Muikku in Lapland

Eating Muikku in Finnish, Lapland / copyright
One of the most popular food dishes you'll find in Lapland in summer is fried Muikku, which is known as vendace in English. It's basically a type of small freshwater white fish found in the varying bodies of water (lakes mostly) around Finland, including in the Gulf of Bothnia. Vendace mainly eat small crustaceans and larvae, and live in large 'schools' of individual fish, normally growing to the size of about 25 centimeters (9.8 in) max. You'll mostly always find Muikku served in small mobile food stalls at fairs or local events that happen in the summer time all around Lapland.

Its a pretty simple recipe to make Muikku - the fish are cleaned (yet not deboned), moistened and rolled in rye flower, salt, and pepper... and then fried in butter. And thats it.The bones of the fish are very soft and thin so you can eat them as well. Many people enjoy with a side of potatoes and a cold beer. It's definitely a dish worth trying if visiting Lapland during the summer time.