Fazer Christmas Chocolate

Fazer Christmas Chocolate / copyright www.lifeinlapland.com
Fazer Christmas Chocolate is definitely one Finnish food you should try when visiting Lapland during the Christmas season, and also makes for the perfect gift to bring back to a friend or loved one at home from your trip. A mix of chocolate w/ gingersnap, apple, cherry, and almond - this stuff tastes AMAZING.

The chocolate bars generally cost around €5 and you can usually find at any grocery store, such as K-Market or S-Market, and sometimes convenient stores such as R-Kioski. You can find such stores in Rovaniemi, Inari, Kilpisjarvi, Hetta, Levi, Saariselkä / Ivalo, Muonio, Pyhä-Luosto, Äkäslompolo, Utsjoki and Nuorgam, Salla, Sodankylä, and Posio.

Some service providers or souvenir shops will sell this as well amongst their products but usually have added an extra markup to the price. Just buy it at the store and get it for the same price they buy it for.