Tuulispää and Tuulisjärvi Hike

Tuulispää and Tuulisjärvi Hike in Inari Finnish Lapland / Copyright www.lifeinlapland.com

(View of Lake Inari from Tuulispää)

Tuulispää is a small fell a few kilometers south of Inari that is home to a large TV/radio tower, yet also some nice views over Lake Inari. On the road leading to Tuulispää, there is also a parking area which is the start of a short, pleasant hike down to Tuulisjärvi lake, where you will find a lean-to shelter, fireplace, and dry toilet. Its a nice, serene place to go for a short day excursion while visiting Inari and very accessible, especially as the hike is easy enough for hikers of all ages and skill level.

The trail to Tuulisjärvi is 1.3km each way, and gradually slopes downwards on the way there. The trail is marked by red "X"s which double as snowmobile trail markers to the lake in the winter time. The parking area has a dry toilet and is about a hundred meters before the TV/radio tower station. The station is not accessible to the public but there is a turnaround area for cars just before the entrance at the top of the fell where you can pull over, and enjoy some nice views over Lake Inari.

The turn-off to Tuulispää is marked by a sign leading to the TV/radio tower and has a pole gate and small shed. If the gate is raised, then you are free to travel up the road leading to parking area and the hike.