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Aurora Holidays is a small, family owned company based in Utsjoki that provides the chance for Lapland visitors to have an extended stay in one of the best places to view the northern lights in Northern Lapland. Their comfy cottages are conveniently located at the top of Lapland, offering dedicated aurora hunters very good odds at making their wishes come true and see one of nature's most amazing phenomena.

When booking a holiday with Aurora Holidays, guests get five (5) nights accommodation in their own cottage, located on the northernmost road in Finland, between the villages of Utsjoki and Nuorgam - one of the most scenic roads in Finland. The cottages sleep 4 to 6 people and are proper Finnish high quality cottages, fully-furnished and include their own sauna to warm up after a cold night chasing auroras. Many of these cottages are almost brand new. The cottages face directly north, meaning visitors can easily view auroras from their window, terrace or front yard. Even when aurora activity is low, they can still often be seen faintly on the northern horizon in the far north of Lapland, giving guests the absolute best chances of seeing northern lights.

When you're not chasing auroras at night, there is plenty of free time during the day time to pursue other activities and if you like, these can be arranged through Aurora Holidays as well. They also offer:

  • Snowshoe adventures
  • Visits to Utsjoki Village
  • Husky safaris and visit to Tana Bru, Norway
  • Winter photography courses

For those truly determined to see the northern lights when visiting Lapland, staying with Aurora Holidays is one of the best ways you can make this dream come true. They welcome all types of travelers - solo persons, families, groups - and their holiday offer includes transfer to and from Ivalo airport, as well as other amenities necessary for an extended visit to the top of Lapland.

To learn more about how to arrange a stay with Aurora Holidays and to view their available dates, visit their website at You can also rent summer cabins from them as well.


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