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Beyond Arctic is a leading tour company in Rovaniemi area with a specialisation in photography. They create exclusive excursions in the heart of Lapland and take you to locations of staggering beauty. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime and join their team to dive beyond the Arctic.

  • Discover the Northern Lights - Experience the magic of Lapland and photograph the amazing Northern Lights! Going Aurora hunting with their professional guides, you have the best possible chance to witness the Northern Lights.
  • Explore the Wilderness - A full-day wilderness adventure is their way to experience the remote and untouched nature of Lapland
  • Ice fishing on a frozen lake - How to catch fish when it’s hiding under a one-meter layer of ice? You will learn that and much more, as they take you ice fishing on a frozen lake amidst beautiful winter scenery.
  • Wilderness snowshoe adventure - Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to move in deep snow. Dating back at least 3500 years, this ancient form of winter hiking is ideal for exploring the Lappish nature offering great opportunities for photography.
  • Backcountry skiing adventure - Cross-country skiing is both a fascinating sport and an age-old, environmentally friendly way of getting around in Arctic conditions. On this tour, they will teach you the basics of this wonderful winter sport and enjoy a photography tour through the wilderness. 
  • Rovaniemi photography tour - This photography tour will take you to key locations around Rovaniemi City to photograph some of its most iconic landmarks and nature. 
  • Ranua wildlife park – photography tour - On yhis photography tour you venture into the village of Ranua around 1 Hour drive from Rovaniemi
  • Riisitunturi photography expedition - Riisitunturi National Park is home to some of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes in Lapland. These are scenes you cannot find even in the finest postcards! 
  • Auttiköngäs photography expedition - Dive into authentic Finnish nature and lumberjack history by the way of photography. Auttiköngäs nature trail takes us deep into primeval taiga forest. 
  • Korouoma frozen waterfalls – photography expedition - Their Korouoma expedition takes you to this outstanding photography location led by a professional photographer. Under his guidance, you will get to the best spots and be able to bring alive the ancient story of the area in your photos.
  • Beyond Arctic adventure collection - Beyond Arctic adventure collection includes well chosen activities, which support sustainable and responsible travelling here in the Arctic area. All their partners are sharing similar values and principles of operations with us and through the cooperation we are able to offer you truly authentic and exclusive adventures here in Lapland.

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