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Huskypoint Husky Safaris /
Huskypoint Husky Safaris /
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If you really want to meet locals and support local businesses in Lapland, then its always best to book any type of husky safari directly with the local service provider. Huskypoint is a local family-owned husky breeder & safari company offering husky adventures in Rovaniemi. Having worked with huskies for over 20 years in the region, they are honestly one of the first organizers of husky safaris in Lapland. Huskies aren't just a seasonal hobby or business - they are their life and passion. They operate husky adventures for Lapland visitors in both winter and summer, offering a variety of excursions from short husky rides to multi-day safaris.

For visitors to Rovaniemi, they offer the following services:

  • Daily husky safaris from 2 to 6 hours long, depending on if you are looking for just a short ride or want to try driving a team of huskies yourself. Some safaris also include a hot meal around a campfire deep in the forest, offering a unique Lapland experience to add to your husky ride. All safaris also include hot beverages.
  • Return transport from your accommodation in Rovaniemi to the Huskypoint farm in Sinettä.
  • Winter clothing for those visitors who do not have appropriate winter gear.
  • Safaris are offered to individuals, families, and groups.
  • Those with their own transportation are welcome to travel to the husky farm independently.

Huskypoint's main office is located in Sinettä which is 20km away from Rovaniemi. To learn more about the current husky safaris they are offering for the Winter 2014 / 2015 season visit the Huskypoint website.
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