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Near the Rovaniemi city centre, you will find the site of the Lauri-tuotteet Oy workshop and gift shop, which sells handmade Lappish handicrafts made from reindeer antler and northern trees. Lauri's northern style log cabin complex has been in operation since 1924 when Goldsmith Johannes Lauri came from Southern Ostrobothnia to Rovaniemi and opened a knife factory on the street Pohjolankatu, where Lauri-tuotteet Oy stands today. Sadly, the original Lauri factory was destroyed during the Lapland War in 1945, when most of Rovaniemi was burned down. However, immediately after, the manufacturing of the knives and other reindeer antler products was continued on-site in a temporary small house until Johannes Lauri's successors relocated a log farm house from the village of Alanampa to Pohjolankatu in 1968. That log house became the workshop that remains today.

Lauri-tuotteet Oy offers a variety of handicrafts of different design that make for nice personal items or gifts for visitors to Rovaniemi to bring home from Lapland. Some of their products include:

  • Jewelry: Handmade from reindeer antler and engraved with genuine Sámi symbols and art.
  • Knives: Handmade with blades forged from highest quality carbon steel by Veikko Hakkarainen and handles made of reindeer antler and hard curly birch wood.
  • Traditional ornaments and keepsakes: made of reindeer antler and engraved with typical Sámi designs.
  • Buttons: crafted from reindeer antler, functional for everyday use or kept as unique pieces of art.
  • Felt Boots and winter wear items: Stylish and handmade felt boots, scarfs, and reindeer leather mittens to stay warm during Lapland's winter months.
  • Cutlery and Kitchenware: Custom made salad sets, cheese slicers and cutting boards made from reindeer antler, curly-birch and stainless steel

The workshop complex is also made up of several other Lappish log houses relocated to Rovaniemi after the Winter War that can be rented for different kinds of events and celebrations. To learn more about everything this historical Rovaniemi business has to offer, visit the Lauri-tuotteet Oy website or visit them at their workshop located on the map below.
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