Hunt Auroras With Me In Rovaniemi, Lapland

Auroras in Rovaniemi, Finland
Do you want someone to go aurora hunting with when you're in Rovaniemi? Want to learn how to take photos of the northern lights?

Then why not join me on one of my nightly excursions when I take photos of auroras around Lapland's capital city.

If you join me, I'll meet you at your local accommodation and we'll head off to some of my favorite aurora viewing spots around town, and I'll tell you a bit about the science of the solar winds that create the auroras we're searching for along the way.

We'll travel by foot, or by bike or car if you have your own transport and while we eagerly search or wait for auroras to appear, I'll tell you a bit about the local history about Rovaniemi and some other useful tips for traveling around Lapland.

If you'd like to learn how to take photos, I will show you the mechanics of configuring your camera to capture images of the elusive lights that appear sporadically in the Lapland sky, and offer some advice about post-production of images. Anyone can learn how to photograph auroras if pointed in the right direction with some practical and straightforward guidance (and if they have proper equipment). It doesn't have to be complicated.

If you're interested to come hunt auroras with me, or learn how to photograph the northern lights, simply send me a message through this form.

I do ask for a small donation to the Life In Lapland project for my time in traveling with you around Rovaniemi and will list all the details about the excursion in my email reply to you (as well as what equipment you will need to take photos) Your donation will make you a supporter of this website and you will be listed (if you like) with the other Sponsors of the Life In Lapland Project.

I hope to hear from you if you're passing through Rovaniemi!

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