Tips on How to Save Money on Accommodation in Lapland

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When you travel to the far North, depending on how and when you travel, your accommodation needs are going to vary. For example, if you are traveling by car in the summer time, you can easily car camp or set up a tent in the woods for a night almost anywhere. If you are traveling by plane, train, or bus, in the winter, you're going to have to have a warm place to sleep each night. And if you don't own property or have friends to stay with, then you have to pay for accommodation. Below are some tips on how to get good deals on accommodation for the different times of year when you are traveling to Lapland
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Winter Accommodation Deals (Or whenever cold & snow on the ground!)

Like said before, if visiting Lapland in the Winter (or Spring or Fall), you really don't have many choices for not paying for accommodation like you have in the summer time. Worst of all is that if you are planning to travel during the peak tourist season or over Christmas, then accommodation fills up very quickly well in advance and so if you wait to make reservations, you may find it hard to find a bed. Or more importantly, you find it hard to find a bed for a reasonable price. Here are a few tips for finding accommodation deals in Lapland which are applicable for the whole region.
  • Check out - AirBnB is a website where individuals can rent out their apartments, houses, or available rooms to travelers that are planning to visit their town. Essentially, you are renting accommodation from a local person that sometimes is at a better price than a local hotel. There is 'reference' system where past guests can give comments about the accommodation so you can see whether its a good place to stay or not since theres no certain standards of quality like with a hotel - each place is different. But surprisingly, theres quite a few people in Lapland offering accommodation through the site so its worth checking out.
  • Call the hotel or accommodation before booking online - sometimes you might find online prices to be different than what is offered face-to-face or phone-to-phone to be exact, and you can also ask if there are any specials or discounts going on at the moment regarding rentals.
  • Consider Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfasts or Cabins - sometimes smaller accommodation providers have more availability because they do not have the same online presence in search engine results, so do a quick check on to see some of the different options for "renting a bed" where you are headed.

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Summer Accommodation Deals

Summer is a great time to visit Lapland because if you are not too fussy about where you sleep, you can camp almost anywhere if you have a tent with you. In the national park and wilderness areas, there are also huts and shelters (laavu in Finnish) where you can stay for free, many of which have a fire pit where you can do a bit of campsite cooking. If you have a car or motorhome, you can easily pull off to the side of the road at a rest stop or parking lot area along the highway to stay for the night. Here are some tips to save money on accommodation in the summer time.
  • Bring a Tent with you - Everyman's Right law essentially lets you camp anywhere in the forest or in nature as long as you are not disturbing anyone or anything.
  • Use public shelters and huts in national parks - There are many public shelters available that are not always a long hike from parking areas where you rest your head for the night and have access to a fire pit for cooking. Beware that many locals use these shelters as well but not for overnight stays necessarily. In the national parks, there are extensive hut networks which are open for public use and you can simply show up and stay overnight.
  • Car camp - If you have a motorhome, you are already in a good position to save on accommodation. But if you are traveling by car, its quite easy to bring a tent with you and set it up along the highway at rest stops or parking areas.
  • Alternative booking sites -
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